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Muralnoir Luxury Prints

Muralnoir envisions the universe as a boundless black mural where the tapestry of life intertwines with miracles, giving rise to an endless array of golden patterns.

This profound perspective stems from the exploration of our concealed inner sanctum—the hidden garden within our souls that shapes our perception of the universe.

Through each illustration, Muralnoir not only captures these intricate concepts but also provides a visually stunning representation of the symbiotic relationship between life, miracles, and the overarching cosmos.

Muralnoir by Elias Akentour

Elias Akentour is a french artist based in London.

Muralnoir is an expression of his background and youth life. His bold, minimal style – often described as contemporary art deco meets the zellij Moroccan art with parisian elegance.

His distinctive style has firmly positioned him as one of Europe's most coveted graphic artists..

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